Unloading station transport carts

The unloading station transport carts receives incoming trolleys (filled with baskets of dirty instruments) from the OR into the dirty lock of the CSSD.

The transport carts are automatically fed into the unloading station and the baskets are automatically removed from the transport cart, scanned and placed in a buffer rack (inside the unloading station). Empty transport carts are automatically fed into the cart wash (empty transport carts can also be entered, e.g. empty scope carts).

Based on up-to-date network information from the HIS (e.g. status, prioritization), the baskets are prioritized and offered at working height to the CSSD employee in the dirty room.

The unloading station for transport carts offers the following advantages compared to existing situations:

  • The physical strain on the CSSD employees is greatly reduced (heavy lifting and pulling movements are eliminated)
  • Process optimization (managing capacity, smoothed division of labor over the day, handling urgency)
  • The transport carts are automatically unloaded
  • No more separate racks for nets necessary in the department

Ontlaadstation transportkarren


  • Automatic feeding of dirty transport carts
  • Automatic unloading of transport carts
  • Automatic storage of baskets
  • Automatic infeed and buffer for cart wash
  • Trolley registration
  • Feedback loop with the OR and CSSD
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