The innovative FOSKE platform consists of multiple solutions, tailor-made to fit every Central Sterile Services Department. FOSKE Move is our solution for creating maximum efficiency in a limited space. Movement between the different work stations is streamlined, enhancing the flow of medical instruments. Combined with a reliable automated storage depot and ergonomically designed workstations, any sterilisation department can create a future-proof environment no matter the setting or location within the broader health organisation. We take care of the tedious tasks, so sterilisation employees can focus on the most vital part of their job: cleaning, inspecting, packaging and sterilising instruments.


  • By guaranteeing and validating processes while eliminating superfluous actions, you can both save on FTEs and ensure that work experience is of lesser importance for performance quality and capacity. Our technology offers a solution for the (upcoming) issue of the shortage of medical specialists due to demographic ageing and a lack of new inflow.
  • Our technology offers support for integrating changing legislation in terms of track and trace of medical instruments, ergonomics on the work floor and specific medical directives.
  • A demand-driven rather than supply-driven process within the medical instrument cycle

Flexible, modular and scalable

  • Optimalisation of patient and product safety
    • Safe and guaranteed storage of nets and baskets
  • Full control of the process
We can offer this all-round solution, which results in an increased efficiency of up to 40% across the board, tailor-made for your department without any need for investments based on the servitization model (pay-per-use).


  • Suitable for sterilisation departments with capacity of <50 instrument sets per hour
  • Fully-automatic depot for safe storage of instruments
  • Space-saving vertical storage
  • Ergonomically designed / lean work stations
  • Validation of sterilisation processes
  • Automated handling of sterilisation loads (sterilisation charge, weight, distribution routing etc)
  • Automated loading of sterilisers
  • Uniform information interface, easy to connect with hospital information systems (HiX, Epic etc)
  • User and management data about net information capacity, process flow and storage accessible in real-time
  • The most secure solution for your medical instruments in terms of contamination control
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