FOSKE workstations are carefully designed in collaboration with expert staff from the Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD) and validated by various field experts. These workstations serve as the connecting link between the employees and the automated processes.

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CSSD workstation

The CSSD workstations have been designed in close collaboration with CSSD employees and validated by various CSSD experts. The workstations are, as it were, the link between the employee and the automation. For this reason, a lot of time and attention has also been put into setting up the CSSD workplaces. During the development and implementation of the various workstations, the following issues has been taken into account:

  • Ergonomics (standing/sitting, reduction of repetitive actions)
  • Cleanability (separation between daily and periodic maintenance, flush finish, no closed edges/recesses)
  • Safety (security subsystems and emergency facilities)
  • Lean working (logical and structured layout)
  • Efficiency improvement from the workplace (workplace design)
  • Job satisfaction (modern workplace, simple operation, overview of activities, focus on specialized activities)

There is a tailor-made workplace for every process:

  • Sorting workstations
  • Cover workstations
  • Assembly workstations
  • Packing workstations
  • Laminating workstations
  • Special workstations
  • Combination workstations


  • Sit-stand (height adjustable)
  • Baskets are automatically brought to working height
  • Baskets are picked up automatically
  • Lean furnished, everything at hand
  • Sorting, assembling, packaging and laminating
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