Autonomous mobile robots enhance logistics processes in a medical environment, resulting in increased efficiency, reliability, ergonomics, and focus on specialized tasks, as well as improved patient care.

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Autonomous mobile robots

Our autonomous mobile robots (AMR) literally give your CSSD space. The mobile robots maneuver safely and flawlessly between people, workplaces and stations. Baskets and stacks of baskets are picked up and delivered when requested, without any intervention from an employee. In addition, the mobile robots also transport dirty baskets from the OR to the CSSD and vice versa (clean baskets from the CSSD to the OR).

  • No fixed transport systems that get in the way
  • Emergency orders get full priority
  • Redundancy through cooperation of several robots
  • Ergonomic
  • Employees can fully focus on their specialist tasks


  • Fully automatic transport
  • Suitable for high baskets, low baskets and stacks of baskets (sterilization batches)
  • Finds the fastest route by itself
  • Easy to clean
  • Expandable fleet
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